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Market research

Launching a business in another country is a risky endeavour. Thorough market research and analysis reduces these risks. We go beyond browsing, surveys and interviews to get the data, necessary for action.

Strategy saves time and money “in the field”. We help to define, WHO is your customer, WHAT is our message, HOW shall we promote and sell. And then we prepare your ARSENAL – from key messages, to web site and pitch deck.

We are universal soldiers. All you need to launch a business overseas: from promotion to business development, from content marketing to lead generation, from sales to registering a UK office.

To break the rules,
you need to know the rules.

We believe in professionalism, experience, knowing the best practices. That’s why we invest in education and monitoring the industry.

Over years we have learned a lot from our clients – startups. So now stepping out of the box is often the only way to make a project viable and affordable.

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1step2market is a full-cycle marketing boutique, helping companies go global or land softly in the UK

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