Video of the panel “Is there a place for startups in the future energy infrastructure?” availible

It took some time to prepare the recording of the most recent panel, organized by 1step2market, in collaboration with the Energy & Environment Club – London Business School.

With brilliant speakers – Matthew Sherburne from Shell Ventures, Sergey Donskoy from First Imagine! Ventures and John Greasley from (GB Interconnector Forum) and moderation from Nastasya Savina – we explored if the changing energy infrastructure will offer opportunities for the “little guys” to grow and prosper.

🔥 KEY TAKEAWAYS // Top3 hottest #opportunities for startups:

1️⃣ Anything that will help to store energy cheaper. As Matthew said, “Anyone who invents a cheap battery will become a billionaire overnight.”

2️⃣ Anything that helps manage, predict, control and balance supply and demand

3️⃣ Localizing grids when the functions of the macro-grid are replicated on the local level, including local generation, managing, storage, prediction, use, control and balancing.

🔥 KEY TAKEAWAYS // Top3 advices for startups

1️⃣ An incumbent (Centrica etc) is the natural partner for the startup.
Adjusting the business, mindset, and product to the needs & habits of existing players is essential.

2️⃣ It’s a global game – do your research because you can have opportunities or threats with the difference in regulation.

3️⃣ After raising Seed, the founders should focus on the commercial side of business because they need to demonstrate a strong pipeline and traction to raise Series A. To raise Series A, a startup needs to remove the commercial risks. Also, it might be helpful to raise a bit more at the Seed stage to have a longer runway.