We offer a Tinder-like matchmaking service for fundraising startups and investors that wish to increase a deal flow.

How it works

  1. Startups and investors fill out a form specifying their preferences. Investors define a desired startup maturity, location and technology/industry and describe their investment priorities. Startups describe their business in similar parameters and choose the relevant investor types.
  2. When the submission is closed, the startups and investors are matched against each other’s priorities (technical match) to create individual lists for investors to review. 
  3. Individual lists are sent to investors to mark the most interesting startups. 
  4. If an investor chooses a startup, we kindly ask this startup to pay a reference fee of £50 for the warm introduction. We send a payment request with the description of the investor.
  5. Upon payment, an introduction email is sent to an investor and a startup.

The matchmaking process will take approximately 3 weeks and will start after the 30th of April, 2021. Usually, about a third of all startups find a match or a few.

It’s a great addition to your typical fundraising process because it expands the selection pool and saves time on research, reaching out, pitching, waiting for a response. The warm introduction to an interested investor is an advanced stage of the fundraising funnel.

“Thanks a lot for the intro – ever so grateful!”

Raffaella Baruzzo

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