To increase the value of 1step2market events we offer matchmaking service for early-stage startups and investors.

The next round of matchmaking will take place in April-May 2021.

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How does it work

  1. Startups and investors, participating in the current matchmaking round are offered to fill out a special form. Investors specify their preferences for a startup maturity, location and technology/industry. Startups describe their business in similar parameters.
  2. When the lists are closed, the startups were matched against the specified priorities by each investor (technical match) to create individual lists.
  3. Then individual lists are sent to investors to mark those startups, with whom they wish to continue the conversation. Then the introduction email is sent to an investor and a startup.

There is a value in assisted introductions both for startups and for investors.

Investors do not need to scout for relevant firms. They get a very comfortable way to research and select relevant companies. If investors are interested in a company, they can just mark it up and be introduced by email to the most relevant person.
It’s that easy and saves a lot of efforts.

But startups get the most value from the project. By participating in the matchmaking they get access to the active investors in their chosen field and get a real chance to raise the next round.

“Thanks a lot for the intro – ever so grateful!”

Raffaella Baruzzo

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