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19th of April 2021:
Patents for startups and investors: dealmakers or dealbreakers?

Patenting takes time, so should be planned ahead. One of the considerations for a startup’s patenting strategy could be its influence on the success of further fundraising. Depending on the industry, stage and other factors, patents could be the dealmakers or the dealbreakers.

In conversation with Peter Arrowsmith (Partner at Gill Jennings & Every), Angelika Burawska (COO at SFC Capital) and Dmitry Kuzmin (Managing Partner at 4BIO Capital) we will discuss the influence of a startup’s patenting strategy on fundraising results. 

5th of November:
Is agile funding here to stay?

Early-stage startups are moving from “go-big-or-go-bust” funding rounds every 12 to 18 months to agile fundraising where they raise small amounts frequently, taking investment opportunistically (i.e. when you meet someone who wants to invest) and as needed.

In conversation with Isabella Ghassemi-Smith (Ecosystem Manager at SeedLegals), Manuel Costescu (Chief Executive Officer at Angels Den Funding), Vahe Vartanian (Founder & CEO at Global Family Office Community), Jonathan Hollis (Managing partner of Mountside Ventures) and Konstantin Vinogradov (Principal in Runa Capital) we will discuss if we are witnessing a birth of new strategy in startup investment: agile fundraising. 

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Matchmaking Option for Investors and Startups

To compensate for the absence of face-to-face communications, we would like to offer you a matchmaking service. Upon ordering the service (check ticket options), just like in Tinder, you would need to provide your data, define your priorities, and wait for the match to happen. Your data would be further offered to the relevant parties (e.g. list of startups to investors). Those who “match” would be introduced to each other via email.

6th of May 2020:
European early-stage startup funding landscape in the age of COVID

At the event with Claire Munck (Be Angels / Business Angels Europe), Robin Wauters (Tech.eu), Philippe Collombel (Partech), Dmitry Kalaev (IIDF) and Inka Mero (Voima Ventures) we discussed what is going on with the seed and early-stage funding of European startups in the age of COVID.

Watch the recording of the conversation on the 1step2market Youtube channel.

7th of April 2020:
Tech Media and Startups: Challenges and Opportunities in the New Reality

In conversation with Mike Butcher (TechCrunch), Lydia Dishman (Fast Company) and Stewart Rogers (Grit Daily), we will discuss what is going on with the startup world and tech media right now. The world as we know it is shattered, but many tech businesses are surviving (and some are even booming). Tech industry and startups need to understand, what is the best way to collaborate with during and after the pandemic.

Watch the recording of the conversation on the 1step2market Youtube channel.